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jueves, 15 mayo 2014

Start the survey: Management Quality and positive behavioral phenomena


My name is Marcel van Aken, I am 23 years old and currently finalizing a master’s studies in Business Administration: Human Resource Management at the VU university Amsterdam. I am writing my master thesis under supervision of Dr. André de Waal, who is the academic director of The HPO center.

My research will investigate the relation between the HPO factor Management Quality and positive behavioral phenomena. The aim of the research is to obtain more information about how a manager should behave in an HPO. Therefore, this questionnaire will ask you to evaluate your manager through rating his or her performance using 31 statements. I would like to ask you to fill in this questionnaire for your manager. The scale ranges from 1, if you strongly disagree with the statement, to 10, if you strongly agree with the statement. It will only take ten minutes of your time.

Those who have participated will receive a summary of the most important conclusions. If you want to participate in this important research; then click below to start. Your answers will be treated fully confidential and will only be reported back in the total scores of all respondents.